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Unlock the Potential of Community...

the best path to overall growth.

Let's work together to create a community that not only boosts your success but also enhances the lives of your customers and users.

I specialize in helping you create and nurture communities that effortlessly attract, convert, and retain your clients, customers, and users.

ways we can work together

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12 weeks of hands-on support to build your community from start to finish alongside other like-minded founders

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Transform your business through tailored 1:1 community-building consulting, driving lasting connections and exponential growth.

Why community?

Community will solve (almost) all of your business problems. It will -

  • attract highly qualified leads effortlessly.
  • convert those leads into loyal customers for your premium services.
  • keep your existing customers engaged and coming back for more."
  • make you and your business top of mind.
  • create a space where people can feel comfortable to share about their experience with your product or service.
  • provide you with insight into your own business.
  • give you access to direct market research.
  • create a sense of belonging for you and your members.
  • give you a perfect top-of-funnel for your products or services.
  • give you the authority you need.

And most importantly, it will provide YOU with the love and support you need to continue growing!

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cyc mastermind

12 weeks

One 60-minute 1:1 onboarding call

10 group workshops with Q&A

10 group brainstorming calls

One 60-minute 1:1 wrap-up call

We start the week of October 16th!

Investment is $1,500 for this Beta cohort

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What we will work on 1:1

  • Leveraging your expertise to strategically engage with the right audience, ensuring deeper brand loyalty and customer retention.

  • Gaining valuable insights into customer preferences, behaviors, and trends through community interactions.

  • Fostering a strong community of brand advocates who amplify your message, driving organic growth and word-of-mouth marketing.

  • Infusing fresh, innovative ideas into community initiatives, keeping the brand at the forefront of industry trends and customer needs.

  • Strengthening customer retention rates by fostering a sense of belonging, resulting in reduced churn and increased customer lifetime value.

  • Driving tangible business growth through increased customer referrals, repeat purchases, and positive brand perception, leading to higher revenue and market share.

What my clients say

"I have worked with several coaches since I started my business two years ago and Inbal has provided me with the most impactful, motivating, and thoughtful advice by far. She is definitely not the typical business coach that will promise you a 'six-figure salary' if you follow her 'proven formula.' Instead, she's provided me with real-life insight, advice, and tough love when I need to hear it. She's not only my go-to call if I'm feeling stuck or overwhelmed in my business, but also to share a win."

- Linzay, Founder of The Park Consulting

Every single time I have a call with Inbal, I leave feeling more capable and confident in growing my own business and community-building efforts. Inbal has played a pivotal role in my growth as an entrepreneur, helping me see what's possible and helping me continuously bring my ideas to life. If you're contemplating bringing community to the forefront of your business (which you should), I wouldn't recommend anyone other than Inbal. You're in the hands of someone that genuinely wants to see you succeed and will be there cheering you on and helping you every step of the way.

- Madeline Howe, Essentially Madi

About Me

My mission is to make sure every single woman knows how incredible she is! The best way to make that happen is by helping you create a space where women can thrive, and what better place than inside your community for your business?

As a real estate broker turned candle maker turned tech founder, my passion for empowering women entrepreneurs has led me to create Like Minded Collective, a social networking platform that allows women to be exceptional.

A space that encourages every dreamer, creator, and female founder to amplify their voice, build personal relationships, and thrive in business - where friendship comes first and business comes second. A social network that gives female founders the mic!

Like Minded Collective has grown to a community of 2,000+ female founders in the last year and a half since we launched - completely organically and without a prior social following! I've seen the impact of community for myself and my business, so now it's time to help you build yours!

When I'm not building communities for myself and other companies, I'm spending time with family and friends enjoying the amazing weather in Orange County, CA.


1:1 support to brainstorm and put some ideas together for you to continue on your own.

Starts at $1,600

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Ongoing support via Voxer or WhatsApp and zoom or in-person.

Starts at $2,000/month

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Join our 3-month cohort to build out your entire community from start to finish.

Beta Cohort is

$1,500 for 3 months

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Let's connect

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